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Hi, I’m Mandi, a highly respected & highly qualified Therapist & Life Coach with over 20 years experience.

I can help you achieve your goal of a changed, happier, more fulfilled life.

Together we work towards positive change with me supporting & guiding you through  motivating-charged sessions.

I also work for ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show as a Aftercare Therapist & Life Coach.

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Trying to figure things out on your own is hard work.

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I show you lessons and insights to inspire you.

Mandi is delighted to be able to share with you the many techniques she has learnt over the years. Great happiness and success in your life is only 1 click away.

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Relationship Coaching

– Angie –

Angie called me just after Christmas, she was fed up of not having a boyfriend at Christmas, yet again, and was determined not to go through another Valentines Day, being stuck at home with a bottle of wine, a box set and feeling like Bridget Jones. Her New Years resolution was to find herself a man, and wanted my help. She described herself as ok looking, with a pleasant personality, no children, a good job, and had been single for 2 years.

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Career Coaching

– Sue –

Sue had been struggling with a feeling of anxiety, low mood and a lack of enthusiasm in her current role as a manager in the customer services department of a large company. She had been there 6 years, at first it was enjoyable and challenging, but 6 years ago the company made some redundancies which lowered staff morale and her work-load had increased due to another manager being made redundant, and hadn’t been replaced.

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Life Coaching

– Tom –

Tom was clearly very nervous, and extremely embarrassed when he came to his free consultation with me. He was a man and felt men should be able to deal with their problems much easier and by themselves, but I had been referred to him as I had helped a friend and was hoping I could help him too. He was in complete turmoil with his life. His wife had had an affair a year ago and felt he couldn’t move on.

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