Career Coaching

After undertaking a detailed work history, I can help you identify what struggles you’re having at work, how they’re affecting you and what you want to do to change them.

Whether it’s staying at your present job, and just wanting to improve your skills, prospects and want to excel there, or you are considering a fresh start, doing something new, more exciting, but unsure on what to do, or how to do it, then I can help you achieve your full potential to have the job or your dreams.


A Full Career History


Identify Your Struggles


Wishes & Dreams


Onwards & Upwards

Start Living the Life you Want

Feel Inspired
Feel Motivated
Start Smiling Again
Get Off The Treadmill

Regular Support

My weekly Emails will help encourage, support and keep you motivated and accountable for keeping you on track for reaching your career goals. If you have any questions on the work we are doing together, then I’m only click away.

Personal Journal

Record your emotions, thoughts, goals, dreams, expectations, personal strengths, weakness, changes and improvements, as you are guided through each coaching session. This Journal forms a powerful & enlightening tool to your coaching experience.

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Flexible Prices



2 Hours
  • A 2 hour concise Power Coaching Session
  • Brief outline of your problems
  • Guided problem solving techniques
  • Optional further sessions


6 Sessions
  • 6 Intense Power Coaching Sessions
  • Greater in-depth exploration of your Problems
  • Inspirational Goal setting programme
  • Weekly motivational support Emails
  • Optional further sessions/maintenance programme
  • Optional 2 easy-payment plan


12 Sessions
  • 12 Intense Power Coaching Sessions – at your choice of venue (home, work, my therapy room)
  • 2 Power-Lunch Sessions included
  • Inspirational Goal setting programme
  • Optional Hypnotherapy Sessions to boost motivation & confidence
  • Unlimited motivational support Emails
  • Optional maintenance programme
  • Optional 4 easy-payment plan