Life Coaching

After taking a detailed life history, I will help you explore what you want out of life, what is important to you and why, and how you can achieve personal success in all areas of your life.

If you feel in a rut, feel stuck or un-motivated, I will help you identify your obstacles to change, help you gain motivation & confidence so that you can power through your barriers and reach your chosen goals, quicker and with ease.


A Full Life History


Identify Your Struggles


What Do You Want In Life


Setting Goals

Pricing Plans



2 Hours
  • A 2 hour concise Power Coaching Session
  • Brief outline of your problems
  • Guided problem solving techniques
  • Optional further sessions


6 Sessions
  • 6 Intense Power Coaching Sessions
  • Greater in-depth exploration of your Problems
  • Inspirational Goal setting programme
  • Weekly motivational support Emails
  • Optional further sessions/maintenance programme
  • Optional 2 easy-payment plan


12 Sessions
  • 12 Intense Power Coaching Sessions – at your choice of venue (home, work, my therapy room)
  • 2 Power-Lunch Sessions included
  • Inspirational Goal setting programme
  • Optional Hypnotherapy Sessions to boost motivation & confidence
  • Unlimited motivational support Emails
  • Optional maintenance programme
  • Optional 4 easy-payment plan

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