*Disclaimer: results may vary person to person and their effect *Sue's Story - Career Coaching

Sue had been struggling with a feeling of anxiety, low mood and a lack of enthusiasm in her current role as a manager in the customer services department of a large company. She had been there 6 years, at first it was enjoyable and challenging, but 6 years ago the company made some redundancies which lowered staff morale and her work-load had increased due to another manager being made redundant, and hadn’t been replaced. She hadn’t been sleeping well, suffered headaches and had begun to snap and argue with her family at home. She came for some coaching to see if I could help her look at ways of coping better, to stop her feeling anxious and to feel happier again in a job she once loved. I suggested that Sue come for a course of 12 sessions, one hour a week, to tackle her problems and her find a solution to her problems. Sue felt immediately better, because not only had she faced up to her problems, but she knew I could help her reach her goals, something she knew she couldn’t do on her own.

Sue came for every session, and felt stronger after each one. I explored with Sue her working life, what she enjoyed most and what she didn’t, to help her identify her strengths, weaknesses, desires, what she liked best in her job and what she didn’t. To help her understand her true thoughts and feelings about the work that she did, I asked Sue to run a daily journal for herself, an important part of our coaching work. Week by week I helped Sue to challenge her thoughts, feeling & behaviours and to work out for herself how she could turn them into positive thoughts, that would help change her behaviour in a positive way at work.

Sue’s main goals was to manage her workload better, get more recognition for the work she did, which would increase her self worth & help her feel valued and to increase her confidence and reduce her anxiety. As this would happen over the weeks, she was able to begin turning her attention to her staff, to help listen to their feelings too, find solutions and begin to feel like a happier manager back in control again. Sue felt that every time she took one small step forward to reach her goal, her confidence in herself increased, she felt empowered and motivated again, which had an enormous effect on her emotional & physical well being. She begun sleeping again, her headaches & stress disappeared and when she had an anxious thought, she was able to use one of her well learned strategies to combat any negative thoughts that might arise. Sue was worried about slipping back to how she was, esp if things got on top of her again, so she took the recommended 4 session maintenance programme. At one session a month, soon had Sue back in control of her work-life for good. “Mandi, you’ve allowed me to go from dreading work to loving it again, I can’t thank you enough”.


*Angie's Story - Relationship Coaching

Angie called me just after Christmas, she was fed up of not having a boyfriend at Christmas, yet again, and was determined not to go through another Valentines Day, being stuck at home with a bottle of wine, a box set and feeling like Bridget Jones. Her New Years resolution was to find herself a man, and wanted my help. She described herself as ok looking, with a pleasant personality, no children, a good job, and had been single for 2 years. She had had a few dates in the past, but they either never got to a second date or it fizzled out after a few weeks, what was she doing wrong was what she wanted to know.

I suggested a course of 12 sessions, one session a week to help her explore her relationship and personal history. Angie gave a thorough and detailed relationship history. This helped us both to understand what Angie felt about herself and how this impacted on the men that she chose to have a relationship with. Angie had very low self esteem and didn’t value herself, this lead her to pick men who she felt was below her, no wonder they didn’t hang around. As we worked on her self esteem, Angie was able to see that how you view yourself, is how others will view you too. She begun a personal Journal, a required and very helpful tool in coaching, in this she recorded what she wanted out of not only her relationships, but from her life too. As she coached her subconscious in positive, self affirmation ways, she was able to increase her confidence and she begun to value herself again.

Once she was at a confident level within herself, she felt ready to try dating again. As she was, for the first time, able to radiate & project, warmth, confidence & sassyness, an attractive formula in dating, she soon found that it was men seeking her for date, not the other way around, and they definitely went further than the first date. For the first time in years, she had a romantic and enjoyable Valentines Day. “Without Mandi’s help, I would still be stuck on the shelf fearing another lonely year. Not only have I found my inner goddess, I have a lovely boyfriend who treats me the way I feel I deserve. That took me a long time to be able to say that, but I now know, yes I’m worth it”.


*Tom's Story - Life Coaching

Tom was clearly very nervous, and extremely embarrassed when he came to his consultation. He was a man and felt men should be able to deal with their problems much easier, but I had been referred to him as I had helped a friend and was hoping I could help him too. He was in complete turmoil with his life. His wife had had an affair a year ago and felt he couldn’t move on, he wasn’t sleeping properly, and he had put on a stone over the past few weeks through eating junk food and taken to drinking more than a few glasses of wine a night. He’d been late for work a few times and he was worried he’d lose his job, one that even though he hated and had for years, he felt that would be the last straw if he did lose it. His doctor had prescribed him anti-depressants and recommended some life coaching to help him try to sort out certain areas of his life. That’s when he confided in a friend, who recommended me.

I suggested Tom undertake a course of 12 sessions, with a view to taking more sessions should they be required. He knew he had so many areas of his life he would like to sort out and knew this wouldn’t be a short process. He was committed to the sessions, a high requirement of coaching with my myself, as he knew that without my help he was worried what might become of him. We started with a full evaluation of every area of his life. I found that though some were good, had good friends, some hobbies, his children & extended family were supportive, what was really troubling him was his health, his relationship and his job. We set to work on these straight away. Tom agreed to do a journal of his thoughts, feelings, behaviours, goal settings, actions and progress throughout the life coaching sessions. I helped Tom begin to set small goals in each area he required to change. He worked towards one goal each week, and celebrated his success at the end, not with wine, as he recognised that to be counter-productive, but with time out doing something he enjoyed. As he begun to change he stopped drinking, ate healthier, lost weight and begun riding his bike again. As he lost the weight his confidence & self esteem improved and he was able to begin dating again, and finally begin to move on from his divorce. As he grew, he also begun to see that there was more to life than the boring job he did every day. Over the few months, with the help of the additional 4 session maintenance life coaching programme, he was able to leave his job and start his own business. “I felt Mandi saved my life. I was a wreck when I first went to her but she gave me my self respect & confidence back. I know where to come if I ever need help in the future”.