All Therapy & Coaching packages are strictly confidential and undertaken in a professional, warm and caring manner. All our Therapists & Coaches are extremely highly qualified in Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Life Coaching, CBT, NLP, Social Work, Family Therapy, Marriage Guidance/Couples Therapy, Anger, OCD, Anxiety/Stress issues and Hypnotherapy. With over 23 years experience of working professionally with Adults, Children & Families, you are in excellent hands to begin to work through any problems you are experiencing and start to live a more empowered and happier life.

Should you wish to book a consultation with one of our Therapy & Coaches, simply fill out the online form, or call direct on (07717210969) and you will have a call-back as soon as possible, or at the time you state on your form.

When you contact the Therapist/Coach you will offered a Free 30 Minute Consultation. You will be sent a ‘Confirmation of Session’ Email. This will state the time, date & address of the appointment and lay out what to expect in the sessions, packages, payment etc. You will also receive a confidential client information form which needs to be completed by yourself and returned within 24 hours. This is to help the Therapist/Coach have a greater understanding of what you would like help with during the consultation. This will also be explained over the telephone too.

If you have any difficulty in competing the form or returning it, please get in touch.
If you wish to cancel your appointment we require 72 hours notice, otherwise the session will be charged for.
If you fail to attend the free consultation, nor let the Therapist/Coach know you are not attending/wish to cancel, you will not be offered another free consultation, and you will be charged a fee of £30 to re-book your consultation.

Throughout the consultation session, your requirements of therapy/coaching will be discussed and you will be invited to choose a package of therapy & coaching that will suitably address your needs. You can book your first session at the consultation session to ensure you get started on the work promptly.

All Therapy & Coaching Packages are Payable in Advance at the time of booking. Please bring a method of payment with you. We accept cash, card or paypal payments.

Please Note: Due to a high demand in session times required by other clients, no Session will be booked in advance until advance payment has been made. It is your responsibility to contact the Therapist/Coach to go ahead with sessions.

If you wish to change your appointment we require 72 hours notice (on the Bronze Package) otherwise the session will be charged for. You are not required to give any notice on the Silver or Gold Packages, which is an added benefit to these packages.

Once you have signed up for a Package of Therapy/Coaching, you have signed up to commit to all of the sessions. We have a ‘client committed approach’ policy which is discussed at your consultation sessions, therefore all sessions must be taken, and all payments (if on a payment plan) must be paid for. Undergoing regular therapy is an important part of our work together, it ensures progress & resolution for the issues you are struggling with.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you attend the sessions on a regular basis.
If you fall ill or have a valid reason for not attending sessions within the course of treatment, you MUST contact your therapist and let them know so that the sessions can be put on hold. Sessions can be put on hold for a maximum of 6 months from the date of contact with the Therapist/Coach.
If your are undertaking a course of sessions and for some reason you have to cancel an appointment. The Therapist/Coach will try to make contact with you to re-arrange. This will only happen twice (via text and Email) as a matter of courtesy. However, please remember it is your responsibility to re-arrange an appointment you had originally cancelled.
If you do not make contact to re-arrange the last session, to continue with your programme, then you will have up to 3 months to make contact with the Therapist/Coach from the date of your last cancelled appointment, otherwise ALL the remaining sessions will be lost and you will not be refunded for any remaining sessions. If you are on a payment plan then the payments will still be taken. Please remember our ‘client committed approach policy’.

Should you wish to opt out of the course of sessions, at any time throughout your course of treatment, or even if you change your mind, you will not be reimbursed for any remaining sessions. You are invited to discuss any worries or concerns you may be having throughout your course of therapy/coaching.

You can have your therapy/coaching put on hold for up to 3 months if you would like some time to think about taking up again, but this is only at the discretion of the therapist.

Should you leave the area during your course of therapy/coaching, you can, if you wish, have any of the remaining sessions via telephone or skype. Should you not wish to take up this offer, you will not be reimbursed for any remaining sessions.
Under extreme circumstances a client can opt out of the course of therapy/coaching, however this must be discussed with the Therapist/Coach first. If you are on a payment plan and still have outstanding payments, then 25% of the remaining balance must be paid in full at the time of cancelling.

Please remember this is a course of Therapy/Coaching that you committed to undertake at your free 30 minute consultation. The work is taken seriously and is in place to help you build a better life for yourself, with the help of our highly qualified and experienced Therapist & Coaches. It is with this in mind that we have these strict conditions attached to the sessions, which have been thoroughly well received by our committed clients.

Please arrive on time for all your appointments, if you do happen to be late, you will receive the remaining time for that session.
If a client arrives under the influence of alcohol, drugs or becomes abusive during the session, we reserve the right to cancel that session immediately & that session will still be charged for.

Notes may be taken during the session by the therapist, these are purely for the therapist’s benefit only to support the work in the session, and will remain the property & responsibility of the therapist throughout the sessions. Notes will not be issued or copied to clients, or other third party during or after therapy has been completed. Notes are kept for 6 months from the completion of therapy/coaching, after which they will be destroyed in a confidential manner.

All Sessions are Strictly Confidential, however, if we hear of any harm to yourselves, others, or the involvement of any illegal behaviour, then please note we are duty & legally bound to report this information to the relevant authorities, we will support you in that process.

Your therapist has the right to cancel an appointment at short notice. Though this is rare, as much notice as possible will be given. Your session will be re-booked at the next available appointment.

Should you happen to see your Therapist/Coach outside of your session time, your Therapist/Coach will be happy to say hello, your association will not be disclosed & your sessions will not be discussed outside of therapy times.

Your comfort, safety & progress in the sessions is of paramount importance to us, please discuss with your Therapist/Coach what you wish to gain from your work together during each session. Progress will be monitored throughout the duration of your sessions.
Your Therapist/Coach will be happy to discuss any of the above terms and conditions with you at any time.

You are invited to view these terms & conditions during your consultation & you are sent a link to the website with your confirmation Email. You have every opportunity to view and discuss them before & during therapy and they cannot, therefore, be disputed should they not be adhered to.

Please Note: These Terms & Conditions are set out for the paramount benefit of your progress & resolution of your issues, your safety, guidance & support in the sessions and to ensure that professional practices are carried out efficiently & effectively.